Bulls & Beavers’ Dangerous Drive: What’s Your Commute?

Bulls & Beavers’ Dangerous Drive: What’s Your Commute?

The other day, I was in our local coffee shop talking with a friend from out of town who was complaining about his daily commute and the city traffic delays he experiences.

This got me thinking of my own daily drive and some of the commuting problems I encounter, such as rock slides and animals on the road not to mention possible flat tires every time I make my drive.

Recently, a couple of popular shows have featured the worlds deadliest roads, and although my commute may not make the top 10, it sure comes close. My rough commute is rugged pass through the Central Rocky Mountains of Idaho. It takes me over Trail Creek Summit, 27 miles each way on an single-lane, unmaintained dirt road, with a shear drop that you would not survive. The dirt road is so steep and unmaintained, it is closed half the year due to avalanches. Sometimes, the familiarity of the concrete jungle feels much safer.

Having grown up in Southern California I have commuted on some of the most congested freeways in the United States. I can relate to the challenges and stresses of the urban traffic jams. Now that I am living in the mountains, I thought my readers might enjoy seeing my wild Bulls & Beavers daily drive.

“What’s your commute?”

**Please submit 300-500 words and up to 3 300dpi images describing your commute.  Include a favorite picture of yourself and tell us what makes your daily drive interesting and unique. Include any links to your social networks or sites you want included. The winner will be featured in his or her own blog post on Bulls & Beavers and will receive a Bulls & Beavers t-shirt @Hoodies order online. Be sure and state your t- shirt size.

  • Email your entry by midnight , April 20, 2011 to Chris@bullsandbeavers.com
  • The winner will be announced on May 1st and featured on Bulls & Beavers, May 6 th.

PS. Check out my summer commute in Bulls and Beavers country:

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