Saving the Iconic Symbol of the West: The Wild Horse

Wild horses have always been a passion of mine. Over the last ten years I have lived in Wild Horse country and have witnessed right here in my back yard, round ups and the removal of this magnificent species. I am an outdoorsman who believes in game management as long it is based on facts and not emotions.

Here in central Idaho we have a number of important issues from the reintroduction of the grey wolf to the controversial wild horse round ups.

One just has to witness a recent BLM round up and follow the trail to what is actually happening to our wild horses. In his  award winning film Director/Producer James Anaquad Kleinert, whose film Wild Horses and Renegades was screened at the International Wild Film Festival has documented and from what I have seen captures the truth about what is happening to our wild horses. The film has won the Honorable Mention award in the following categories on May 13th 2011- Cinematography, Investigative Journalism and Music Editing/Sound Track.
Please visit to view powerful trailer for the film and PSA’s.
U2 recently released their hit song “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” to the project.

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Wild Horses & Renegades from Moving Cloud on Vimeo.