Deep Sea Fishing in the Virgin Islands

Deep Sea Fishing in the Virgin Islands

This winter, I have been looking forward to my vacation on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands are one of the most frequented destinations for sport fishing in the world.

This trip, the weather for the most part has been filled with torrential rain with only a few breaks in the clouds for a little sun.

The morning started off with partly cloudy skies, but quickly turned to down pours with water spouts and high waves. Fortunately for me, I have never been seasick. Unfortunately for my friends, over half our group was hanging over the side of the boat.

“A bad day fishing is better then a good day at work”

The chartered boat was named BlueFin2. It was skippered by Don and Rick, who combined have nearly 40 years of experience between them.  The deep sea game fish include wahoo, white marlin, sailfish, yellow fin and black fin tuna, dolphin (dorado) and kingfish. The south drop where we fished is close to six miles deep and is the deepest spot in the Atlantic ocean.

Although March isn’t the best month for deep sea fishing, and we didn’t catch many fish today except for a few barracuda and one small tuna, the crew was topnotch and the 44 ft. BlueFin2 had plenty of room for a group of eight.

For me, there is nothing better then the unknown chance of hooking up to a giant marlin, shark or tuna. I can’t wait until I am back in the water next week for a little spear-fishing, so stay tuned!