Steelhead Fishing and the Art of Spot and Stalk.

Steelhead Fishing and the Art of Spot and Stalk.

Last month I had the opportunity to Spot and Stalk Steelhead fish with two of Bulls & Beavers pro staffers Bryant Dunn of Sun Valley Outfitters and Cory Glauner of Gothunts on the Salmon River outside of Stanley, Idaho.

Bryant was gracious enough to let us come up for the night and fish the following day. Steelhead fishing is no walk in the park and the conditions this time of year can be very dangerous if your not careful. The day after we left the river a local friend to many here in Idaho and avid Steelhead fisherman lost his life in the same place we were fishing. Mark McCoy will be missed and our thoughts and prayers are with the McCoy family.

If you ever get the opportunity to go Steelhead fishing, I would highly recommend taking a guide or someone that knows the local waters in order to make for a great time and experience you will never forget.

We covered several miles of the Salmon River spotting and stalking steelhead fish. Steelhead fishing is very similar in chasing big game in that once you spot the fish, you then have to use all your skills to get close enough to the fish without scarring them away. The only difference is that unlike spotting elk or other big game which can be fairly east to spot, steelhead fish on the other hand can be very difficult for the untrained eye especially in inclement weather and poor lighting conditions. Although we did not catch any fish that day it was not for a lack of effort. The conditions were tough with the river rising and the snow falling making spotting the fish a little difficult. We did hook into a few fish and any bad day fishing on the river is better then a great day at the office….

If you are ever interested in going Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River please don’t hesitate to give Bryant a call and set up a trip of a lifetime. Bryant books his Steelhead trips through Silver Creek Outfitters here in Ketchum, Idaho.