Save Your Ears and Eyes from Severe Injuries

Save Your Ears and Eyes from Severe Injuries

Last month, I helped organize the first Smith Elite On Review here in central Idaho.

Rick Elder, Executive Director of Smith Elite, along with Primary Weapons Systems out of Boise, Idaho, and I had a chance to review and test five different firearms ranging from a 22 rifle to a MK14.

Safety was our top priority. Rick stressed the importance of protecting our eyes and ears and explained the different safety standards in the above video.

He explained that whether shooting in the field, or at the range, wearing proper protection can save our ears and eyes from severe injuries. At Smith Elite, the highest level of military spec protection is priority. Smith Elite’s eyewear is specially designed to work comfortably with ear protection.¬†There are several different levels of protection to choose from when it comes to eye safety.

The cool thing about these glasses is that they are made to look good, plus they are worn by our elite military, the Navy Seals, our law enforcement, as well as people who jump out of helicopters, ride motorcycles, and ATV’s, and just about any outdoor activities.

“With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.” ~Jack Nicholson


Next time you are riding your bike, shooting at the range or trying to look cool like Jack Nichelson be sure you check out Smith Elite for the proper eyewear for your lifestyle.

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