A Sportsman’s Father’s Day Thank You

A Sportsman’s Father’s Day Thank You

On this day, sportsmen across the world pause with deep fondness as we reflect upon special moments shared with our fathers.

This is a day of honor and gratitude … an opportunity for all of us to thank our fathers for not only teaching us the fundamentals of hunting and fishing, but also for the incredible sportsmen’s legacy they have passed onto us.
To my father … my gratitude encompasses so many thoughts and images.  Indian Guides, Mountain Camp, hunting and fishing lessons too numerous to list here.
More important than this however is to communicate to you dad, my acknowledgement of what you have given me.
·         The practice and value of patience.
·         The ability to survive in any situation.
·         The knowledge that all skills are attainable with consistent effort.
·         And most of all, the gift of a passionate life, living and loving my continued lifestyle as a sportsman.
Dad this is a thank you both to you and to your generation.  You come from a long heritage of hunters who utilized your knowledge not only to feed your family, but also to engrain into your two sons the lessons of life taught by the traditions of the outdoors.
So to my father I want to extend a deepest thank you for the amazing memories that ignited who I am today.  To the sportsmen of today who are fathers, uncles and grandfathers … thank you for your commitment in protecting and sharing our great legacy.
May generations to come be as equally blessed to be taught the ways and values of a true sportsman.
Happy Father’s Day Dad … Love Chris

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