What can America Learn from Hunters? Self Reliance

What can America Learn from Hunters? Self Reliance

As Election Day draws near, Americans all across our great land are faced with the challenge of selecting the right leader for the next four years. All of us, regardless of political affiliation, want to see our economy regain both strength and momentum.

Given this collective focus on the economy, one has to ask how it is that we somehow slid and lost our way as a global leader in many areas. Whether one labels the last few years a financial crisis or the outcome of financial corruption is not the point. The point now is that we need to select a leader that can reflect back to our heritage and look at the core competencies and characteristics that for decades  positioned the United States as the shining example of what industrious, capitalistically inspired individuals could achieve.

As an avid hunter, one of the basic tenants I believe in is the ability to remain self-reliant. Self-reliance as a hunter includes everything from being prepared for all weather conditions to dressing my kill and putting food on the table. Self-reliance, while held in esteem among the sportsman community, is a less important term to corporate leaders who are pressured by quarterly returns rather than long-term stability.

The leadership we need has to be focused on American Business rekindling as many facets of self-reliance as possible. Our forefathers came to this country from many lands across many miles and self-created almost every single piece of ingenuity that was needed regardless of the challenge. One only has to look at major achievements such as the transcontinental railroad and massive icons such as the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge for proof.

Some may ask why sportsmen are such a vocal and passionate group. The answer is due to our respect for heritage and the irrefutable knowledge that any lessening of one’s ability to remain self-reliant only weakens us as a nation.

We should never outsource anything that can be made in America and we should never let slip away any of the traditions and survival skills that allowed American ingenuity to take root across this continent for over two centuries.