Pro Staff

Bryant Dunn
Bryant Dunn lives in Ketchum, Idaho and has been guiding and outfitting for nearly 20 years. As the owner of Sun Valley Outfitters, Bryant guides groups of hunters and flyfishermen throughout Idaho and internationally to various locations including the Yucatan, the Caribbean and the Himalayas. Featured on television shows and in magazines, Bryant has lead many successful outdoorsmen into the woods. Raised as a bowhunter and flyfisherman, Bryant enjoys sharing his lifes passions with his many hunting and fishing guests and is the proud father of Madeline, 6, and Amanda, 5, who recently landed their first steelhead with a little help from their Dad.

Cory Glauner
Cory Glauner sheep huntingCory is an avid archery hunter and also enjoys bird hunting and fishing. If you can do it outside, he’s probably done it.

Cory has professionally guided big game hunters in Idaho, pheasant hunters in South Dakota and has personally hunted and fished around the country. He is now a booking agent for Outdoors International. You can read about some of Cory’s adventures on his blog.

Tory Taglio
Tory has been an avid outdoorsman since he was a young boy, often spending time hunting in fishing the mountains of the West when school or work did not get in the way. Tory is a rifleman as well as a bow hunter. In Idaho, it is possible to pursue many species with any weapon each Fall and each discipline provides a different but equally challenging and rewarding experience.

Today, Tory makes his living as a resort and architectural photographer living in Sun Valley, Idaho. For fun he often scouts pre-season with camera in hand, capturing the images that can only be found off the trail.

Photos from some of our adventures: