Good News for Forests – A Decline in Illegal Logging

Good News for Forests – A Decline in Illegal Logging

A new report by London-based think tank Chatham House indicates that illegal logging is down 22 percent worldwide since 2002. This decrease may have kept between 1.2 billion and 14.6 billion metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere, thereby reducing the impact of deforestation on global climate change.

Utah lawmakers consider fishing licenses for veterans

Salt Lake City (AP) – A House committee is scheduled to consider a bill that would make it easier for disabled veterans to get fishing licenses.

The Trains At NorthPark, Dallas Texas

More than 40 vintage locomotives travel across America on more than 2,500 feet of track at the NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas this Christmas season.  The magical journey chugs by the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Rushmore, winds it’s way through the center of America including Dallas, Texas and on to the Statue of Liberty and Washington D.C. including the White House

Patagonia – Fly Fishing Lodge

Challhuaquen Lodge, which in the local Mapuche language means “fishing place”, is located in the Trevelin valley, Province of Chubut, on the bank of the Futaleufú river or Rio Grande, near Los Alerces National Park, in the core the Argentinean Patagonia. Anglers enjoy a combination of floating and wading throughout the week

Texas Sportsmen Face Mandatory Spay and Neuter Law

Texas sporting dog owners face a mandatory spay/neuter bill that was recently introduced in the House and Senate.