The Top Four Reasons Wolf Management Makes Sense

The Top Four Reasons Wolf Management Makes Sense

“On Your Own Adventures” hosted by big game hunter and conservation historian Randy Newberg, recently produced the first documentary of a wolf  hunt in the Lower 48. Soon to be featured on the Sportsman Channel, Randy and his hunting partner Matt Clyde over an 11 day period, discuss at length the history and current impact […]

10 Tips for Bear Encounters

10 Tips for Bear Encounters

With the increase of grizzly bear numbers  in the greater Yellowstone area covering Idaho, Wyoming and Montana means the increase in bear encounters.  Bear attacks occur every year and the issues of carrying firearms or bear spray and the question of do you play dead during an attack or fight back are on peoples mind […]

Montana Residents worried about cleanup’s effects on trout

Helena, Mont. (AP) – The federal government has hauled away millions of tons of toxic sediment and removed a reservoir as part of a Superfund site cleanup in southwestern Montana’s fishing country, on

People killed 20 grizzlies in 2009

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) – People killed 20 grizzly bears in north-central and western Montana in 2009, which is about average, the U.S

Mont. deer, elk season ends with higher numbers

Bozeman, Mont.

Wolf hunt shut down in MT after quota filled

Billings, Mont. (AP) – Montana is shutting down its first public hunt for gray wolves since their removal from the endangered species list, after state officials said they expected to meet the season’s 75-wolf quota by Monday evening.

Trophy poachers worry Mont. wildlife officials

Kalispell, Mont.

Montana officials rule cougar shooting justified

Butte, Mont.

Mont hunters claim 1 wolf on opening day

Missoula, Mont. (AP) – State wildlife managers say one wolf kill was reported as Montana’s general hunting season opened Sunday with an estimated 100,000 hunters spreading across public and private lands.

Montana FWP asking hunters to help in research

Billings, Mont.

Montana hunter shot by friend during Mont. bear attack

Liningston, Mont. (AP) – A hunter attacked by a grizzly bear in southern Montana also had the misfortune of being shot in the arm by a companion trying to stop the attack.

Montana closes wolf hunting near Yellowstone

Montana closes wolf hunting near Yellowstone

Billings, Mont. (AP) – Montana wildlife commissioners on Tuesday shut down wolf hunting adjacent to Yellowstone National Park after nine of the predators were killed there in recent weeks, but kept the statewide wolf harvest quota unchanged at 75 animals.

Montana commissioners say wolf quota unlikely to go up

Montana commissioners say wolf quota unlikely to go up

Billings, Mont. (AP) – Montana wildlife commissioners say there is little likelihood the state will increase the 2009 gray wolf quota when changes to the inaugural hunting season for the animal are considered on Tuesday afternoon.

Bighorn sheep could be taken to other states

Helena, Mont. (AP) – As many as 85 bighorn sheep could be shipped from Montana to Utah and Washington under a proposal endorsed by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission.

Wolf quota could change after 9 shot near Yellowstone

Billings, Mont.