The Day after Christmas, December 26th 2009

It is the day after Christmas, December 26th, 2009 and all of the snow from our Christmas Eve 2009 winter storm is gone.  Yesterday afternoon the temperatures did go into the 50’s, barely, but with the sun that took care of the remaining evidence that we did indeed have a White Christmas here in North Texas for the first time since 1924.  As my friend Steven at My Life Outdoors commented, we don’t get snow in Texas very often so when we do it’s a big deal.

White Christmas Day 2009, Dallas Texas

The snow stuck overnight and it is indeed a White Chistmas in Dallas, Texas on December 25th, 2009.  Official records show that we have not had a White Christmas in Dallas since December 25th, 1926, 83 years ago

A White Christmas in Dallas Texas, 2009

It is snowing in Dallas, Texas on Christmas Eve, 2009.  The chances of having a White Christmas in the Dallas, Texas area on any given year is less than 5 % so that makes this year special for sure.  In our suburb of Irving, Texas the precipitation started as rain around 11AM, changed to a light snow mist and then turned to snow at approximately 12 noon